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The Combo
Washer & Dryer Pan

Combo Washer & Dryer Pan

Specially patented design fits all front-end loading and top-loading washer & dryers, with or without pedestal drawers.

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Endorsed by builders, contractors, and sub-contractors worldwide.

Protected by U.S. Patent #8,393,351 B2

The DRIPTITE Combination Washer and Dryer Pan™ is made of an UNBREAKABLE, translucent, thick polyethylene plastic that is UV ray protected, making it tough, extremely durable and truly life-long. It is specially designed to fit all standard side by side front or top loading washer and dryers and it can be used with all pedestal drawers.

Backed by our 10-Year No-Break No-Crack Warranty

dual washing machine pan installed
Fig. 1 - The Combo Pan allows you to swap the washer and dryer positions while drain is still used and allows door swing changes according to your left or right preference.
Closeup of combo washer and dryer pan
Fig. 2 - Patented LowLip design allows for use with all pedestal drawers.
A must for those with pedestals.
Detail shot showing durability of DRIPTITE's dual washer and dryer pans
Fig. 3 - Made of tough, UNBREAKABLE, durable, long-lasting material. The pan also has rounded corners and edges for safety.
Translucent color of these combo washer and dryer pans makes installation easy
Fig. 4 - Translucent color allows plumbers to easily find the drain under the pan during installation.
Coloring also allows dual washer and dryer pan to blend in with surrounding
Fig. 5. Translucent color also allows flooring to show through making pan less obtrusive.
DRIPTITE's combo washer and dryer pan allows the washer and dryer to sit together with no space between
Fig. 6 - Fits under BOTH the washer AND dryer, eliminating the extra space between the washer & dryer that existed when a standard pan was only installed under the washer.
Fits all top and front-loading washer & dryers.